BxP: The Idea…

Strategy and pragmatic thinking make daily business possible, but it is easy for business people to get caught in only day-to-day and quarter-to-quarter thinking. The goal of this blog is to inspire people to pick their heads up and see business from a different angle. There are many who would argue that business and philosophy are two different paths– they should never meet. In the strictest sense, they are right. My goal is not to preach the ideas of dead philosophers, but simply to identify the philosophies intrinsic in current business practice and to explore other ways business and deeper philosophical ideas might connect in new ways. The philosophy that companies have a social responsibility has interacted with pure business philosophy to create a magnificent effect– sustainable practices and devout consumers. While it is difficult to imagine an interaction as vital as CSR in the near future, I firmly believe the long-term future of business will occur at points where business and philosophical ideas meet again. There are valuable ideas to be found and generated through discovery and discussion of these two subjects. The goal of this blog is to uncover these meaningful connections and inspire new ways of doing business that empower people to shape the future. This isn’t a blog of best practices. It’s an open conversation of possibilities. Welcome.


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