B x P: Year in review

I started Business x Philosophy last October to explore what’s possible when we view business from a philosophical angle. In many ways, it has been a great success. Thanks–both to those who loyally read, and to those who were searching so hard for a random Emerson quote they ended up on page 36 of the Google search results, and decided my corner of the web was interesting enough to click.

Now, I am content for BxP to evolve in any way that puts it in position to help leaders think in new ways–regardless of what sort of readership that entails. With that said, a lot of the feedback I’ve received centers upon how consumable the posts are. As I come to new realizations about precisely how complex some of these topics are, it becomes doubly difficult to keep them bite-sized like a normal blog.  In the past, I have collected insights until a pattern emerges that is ‘big’ enough to treat comprehensively. This led to many interesting sources and flashes of insight being excluded–they just didn’t fit into a neat package. And, while I try to inject voice and perspective into all writing, the general idea has been to treat these long-form posts somewhat empirically.

I intend to continue such ‘complete’ treatment of subjects (similar to recent posts) at a rate of 1 per 4 months. But, I also hear the cries for easier consumption, and will begin to share more quick reactions–under a ‘re: act’ heading–probably around 1 every 2 months. My hope is to capture one important aspect of something observed, experienced, or read. These ‘react’ posts will deliver less source material and more emotion–meant to spur both commentary and a course of action (thus the ‘re: act’ title).

So, to recap: Look forward to more of the comprehensive analysis you’ve come to expect every other month, but also look forward to some quick, digestible reaction to hot topics every couple weeks.


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